Why did GDOT change the website's design?
The first NaviGAtor website had been in use since the 1996 Summer Olympics and the most recent version had been in place since 2000. Georgia DOT needed to revamp their entire NaviGAtor system to better handle the technologies in use today in the traffic management industry. The new website was developed in concert with the new Navigator system now being used by our Operators in the TMC. The new design was to establish a foundation for future enhancements and a layout for future sponsorship opportunities. Georgia DOT is now using sponsorship in order to reduce taxpayer burdens and sustain critical services during a time of unprecedented funding challenges.

I'm seeing an old traffic map, stale traffic data, or no traffic detection. What's going on? Please try clearing your browser cache and make sure you are not trying to get to the site from an outdated bookmark. If you're seeing numbers in the address bar, or if your bookmarks have "mynavigator" in the URL, your computer is accessing a server that is no longer being updated. After you have cleared your browser's cache, restart your browser and type in 511ga.org or georgia-navigator.com. Then delete your old bookmarks and make sure your bookmarks point to the new website.

You'll know you're on the new server in one of two ways. You should only see 511ga.org or georgia-navigator.com in the address bar (no numbers), and you should see a current timestamp in the lower right corner of the Real-Time Traffic Map. You'll also see current timestamps on camera snapshots.

If you do not see traffic detection (red/yellow/green colors) on the traffic map, it may be because you are running an older version of Internet Explorer. Try updating to the latest version, or try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I'm getting JavaScript errors or "Google API" pop-up messages when using the Traffic Map.
This is a known issue with Google Maps and has commonly been reported in older versions of Internet Explorer. Please try updating to the latest version, or try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I can't find camera images.
You can get to camera snapshots in one of two ways: by clicking "Cameras" from the top of the home page, or via our Real-Time Traffic Map. Just zoom in with your mouse wheel or use the left scroll bar. Since there are several hundred GDOT traffic cameras, not all cameras may appear at every level. If you don't see yours, try zooming in further. ALL GDOT cameras will appear once you are zoomed in to a certain level. However, local (County) DOT cameras will not. We are working to implement these in a future release. Thank you for your patience

Camera snapshots on the new traffic map are sometimes several hours old. What's going on?
Occasionally, NaviGAtor may be temporarily offline during maintenance or system upgrades. We try to keep these interruptions limited to off-peak hours only. During this time, camera snapshots may not update. We make every effort to post updates to our "Travel Alerts" section or via our Facebook page when there is scheduled maintenance.

What happened to the iPhone app and Mobile Website?
The iPhone app and mobile website (511LIVE.net/511mobile) were turned off on Feb. 3, 2012. New apps for iPhone and Android are coming later in 2012. These new apps should address a number of issues found in the first iPhone app. Check our News page for updates.

How do I use the system if I am speech-impaired?
Speech-impaired callers can use the touch-tone back-up system to access all of Georgia 511's features. The system will list the main menu and submenu options with a corresponding number. You simply press the number that matches your choice. For Option 2, highway information, you can tell the system which road you want to hear information for by entering the corresponding interstate, state route or exit number at each prompt.

How do I use the system if I am hearing-impaired?
Hearing-impaired callers can dial 711 and access all of the 511 transportation information. 711 is the national three-digit number for access to Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Callers dial 711 and ask the operator to connect them to the 511 service. Once connected, the 711 operator acts as a go-between, relaying callers requests for travel information to the 511 system and then providing system responses back to the callers.

What can I do if my mobile service provider does not support 511?
Preprogram 877-MYGA511 (694-2511) into your phone.

Can I call 511 from my mobile phone?
Yes. To emphasize safety, we recommend calling 511 before leaving home or while your vehicle is stopped.

Will the *DOT line remain operational?
Yes, but callers are encouraged to begin using 511 immediately in order to access a much larger menu of options and service offerings. *DOT will be phased out over time.

Does 511 have an 800# option?
Yes. Call 877-MYGA511. 877-(694-2511).

How often is 511 updated?
Information is updated every few minutes.

I called 511 from my mobile phone but I got a neighboring state's system. What happened?
When you dial 511 near a state border, you may get connected to either the state you are entering or leaving depending on cell towers. From Georgia 511, callers can transfer to Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina and vice versa.

How does the information available from 511 differ from the travel information I get on the radio and television?
The 511 phone system offers callers a broader range of information on traffic, trip planning, transit links and help requests.

How does 511 get its information?
The NaviGAtor system, road cameras, the Georgia State Patrol, Emergency 911 dispatch centers, HERO units, GDOT personnel and motorists all report incidents to the 511 network. Information on construction and lane closures come from the Georgia Department of Transportation. AMBER Alert information is provided through the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA). The National Weather Service provides details on major weather incidents such as hurricanes, snow and ice.

What can I do when the system cannot recognize what I'm saying?
Press 9 or say "Operator."

What roads are covered by the Georgia 511 system?
State and interstate routes across the entire state of Georgia are covered.