Do you record the traffic cameras? Can you send me a copy of the video that shows my accident?

No, we do not record any of the traffic cameras. We will not be able to provide any accident video.

I'm seeing an old traffic map, stale traffic data, or no traffic detection. What's going on?

Please try clearing your browser cache and make sure you are not trying to get to the site from an outdated bookmark. If you're seeing numbers in the address bar, or if your bookmarks have "mynavigator" in the URL, your computer is accessing an old server. After you have cleared your browser's cache, restart your browser and type in or Then delete your old bookmarks and make sure your bookmarks point to the new website.

You'll know you're on the new server in one of two ways. You should only see or in the address bar (no numbers), and you should see a current timestamp in the upper right corner of the Real-Time Traffic Map. You'll also see current timestamps on camera snapshots.

If you do not see traffic detection data (red/yellow/green colors) on the traffic map, it may be because you are running an older version of Internet Explorer. Try updating to the latest version, or try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I'm getting JavaScript errors or "Google API" pop-up messages when using the Traffic Map.

This is a known issue with Google Maps and has commonly been reported in older versions of Internet Explorer. Please try updating to the latest version, or try another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

I can't find the camera images.

You can get to camera snapshots in one of two ways: by clicking "Cameras" from the top of the home page, or via our Maps. Just zoom in with your mouse wheel or use the +/- symbols on the map. Since there are several hundred traffic cameras, instead of showing an icon for EVERY camera, we show an icon for clusters of cameras. The closer you zoom in, the more distinct each cluster will be.

Sometimes camera snapshots are several hours old. What's going on?

Occasionally, NaviGAtor may be temporarily offline for maintenance or system upgrades. We try to keep these interruptions limited to off-peak hours only. During these times, camera snapshots may not update. We make every effort to post notices to our "Travel Alerts" section or via our Facebook page when there is scheduled maintenance.

What happened to the Mobile Website?

The mobile website ( was turned off on Feb. 3, 2012. New apps for iPhone and Android are now available. Visit the Google Play Store or App Store and search for "Georgia 511".

How do I use the system if I am speech-impaired?

Speech-impaired callers can use the touch-tone back-up system to access all of Georgia 511's features. The system will list the main menu and submenu options with a corresponding number. You simply press the number that matches your choice. For Option 2, highway information, you can tell the system which road you want to hear information for by entering the corresponding interstate, state route or exit number at each prompt.

How do I use the system if I am hearing-impaired?

Hearing-impaired callers can dial 711 and access all of the 511 transportation information. 711 is the national three-digit number for access to Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Callers dial 711 and ask the operator to connect them to the 511 service. Once connected, the 711 operator acts as a go-between, relaying callers requests for travel information to the 511 system and then providing system responses back to the callers.

What can I do if my mobile service provider does not support 511?

Program 877-MYGA511 (694-2511) into your phone.

Can I call 511 from my mobile phone?

Yes. To emphasize safety, though, we recommend calling 511 before leaving home or while your vehicle is stopped.

Is the *DOT line still operational?

No, *DOT has been phased out. All callers should now dial 511 instead.

Does 511 have an 800# option?

Yes. Call 877-MYGA511. 877-(694-2511).

How often is 511 updated?

Information is updated every 2 to 3 minutes.

I called 511 from my mobile phone but I got a neighboring state's system. What happened?

When you dial 511 near a state border, you may get connected to the other state depending on the location of the cell tower. From Georgia 511, callers can transfer to Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina and vice versa.

How does the information available from Navigator and 511 differ from the travel information I get on the radio and television?

Radio and TV traffic reports are usually crammed into 30 or 60 second spots. Oftentimes the reporters don't have enough time to cover everything that's going on. With Navigator/511, you can get the information you need, at the time you want, and at your own pace.

How do the Navigator and 511 systems get their information?

In metro Atlanta, the Interstates and freeways are blanketed with an array of electronic equipment that is continuously collecting information on the flow of traffic. The data from this equipment is primarily what powers Navigator and 511. We get additional traffic data from third-party sources for the rest of Georgia. Information concerning construction lane closures comes from our own Construction personnel and Contractors. AMBER Alert information is provided through the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).

What can I do when the system cannot recognize what I'm saying?

Press 9 or say "Operator" and you will be transferred to a live operator, 24/7.

What roads are covered by the Navigator and 511 systems?

State Routes (i.e. those with numbers such as SR 92 or SR 8) and Interstate routes across the entire state of Georgia are covered. We do not cover local city or county roads or neighborhood streets.