The Transportation Management Center (TMC), located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the headquarters and information clearinghouse for NaviGAtor. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the TMC is committed to enhancing travel safety and transportation efficiency by managing incidents, controlling traffic, and providing accurate information to the traveling public.

TMC employees work behind the scenes to provide statewide incident management through a three phase process.

  • Phase 1: Collecting Information
The TMC monitors the roadways and collects real-time information from Video Detection System (VDS) cameras along the interstates. Operators also gather information taking 511 calls from travelers regarding traffic congestion and roadway incidents.
  • Phase 2: Confirm and Analyze Information
TMC employees must then confirm each incident by identifying the problem, the cause and the effect it will have on the roadway. The proper authorities, such as police, fire or HERO, are notified so they can respond to the incident.
  • Phase 3: Communicate the Information
The third step is communicating this information to travelers, allowing them to make informed travel decisions, through changeable message signs (CMS) on the roadways, the NaviGAtor website, media relations, audio messages from 511 calls and the new 511 Georgia smart-phone app.

Groups and individuals are invited to tour the TMC. To set up a time, please contact us.