Changeable Message Signs
NaviGAtor's Changeable Message Signs (CMS) are located on most major interstates around Atlanta. They relay up-to-the-minute information to drivers.

CMS are capable of automatic message generation but operators also have access to create custom messages when necessary.

The signs display two primary messages:

  • Travel Time is calculated from average speeds over a stretch of roadway through information collected from the VDS cameras. The CMS inform drivers of travel times between major points along the interstate system. Travel time information is provided between 6am and 9pm.
  • Incident Messages inform travelers of accidents, stalls, construction and other problems that may cause delay on the roadway. The CMS relay the incident location and specify which lanes are affected.
During smog season in metro Atlanta, the signs may also contain information regarding air quality conditions and air friendly options available to commuters.

The NaviGAtor system also includes High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane CMS. These primarily provide information specifically for express lane commuters.

CMS allow motorists to make informed decisions for them by providing a clear and reliable picture of the road ahead, resulting in minimized commute times and frustration levels.